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We want to help empower and entertain rv renovators; with relevant information, ideas and stories about all things related to rv and camper renovation, remodeling, and designing. From the messy jobs to the how to; we will dive deep as there is a lot that goes into RV renovation and we want to share it all with you.

Think of it as some friends sitting around a campfire sharing rv renovation stories.

Our Lively Tribe are one of our personal all time favorite you tubers and rv renovators. They have been creating content about full time travel, tiny living and rv renovation for years now and are at least partly responsible for our interest in this niche. So needless to say it was quite an honor to get to talk to them and pick their brains on their approach to life, business and creativity. Erin and Travis have a wealth of knowledge on so many topics and a very personal approach with their clients and the renovations that they do for them. Be sure to check out and follow them on YouTube and Instagram if you don't already.

On this episode we are joined by the woman who literally wrote the book on RV renovation.  Sarah Lemp of the All Things with Purpose Blog published a book that covers the ins and out of rv remodels title All Things Camper Renovation.  She included advice, Renos and pictures from some of the internets best rv remodelers.  Her Facebook group All Things Camper Renovating has over 33k members.  So has has supplied a wealth of knowledge as well as helped produce a platform, for people interested and taking on rv renovations, to learn and ask questions from those who have done these projects before them.  She share her personal story with us as well as so much other great information and ideas pertaining to camper renovation.  She also includes a great offer towards purchasing a digital copy of her book.  We have a really cool giveaway tied to this episode, so be sure to look us up on Instagram to find out details about how you can enter to win.  Hint: it's a prize that will enhance they way you listen to the podcast.  So buckle up RV Renovation Nation and get ready to listen to our chat with Sarah Lemp.

On this episode we discuss what we've learned and our tips and tricks for selling and pricing renovated RVs.  Whether you are a first time flipper, a family who fixed up their RV and now wants to upgrade or a full time renovator there is information and ideas for everyone in this episode.  Sometimes Remodeling the Camper is the easy part, but we're here to help you walk through listing, managing leads, qualifying those leads and closing the sale.  

On this episode we speak with Miranda from Tennestream Renovations.  Miranda specializes on Airstream renovations.  She shares stories of being tested in life, perseverance, extended travel and full time rv travel on her way to starting her own rv renovation business.  Miranda is a testament to the old adage that when life gives you lemons; you make lemonade.  Her stories is a demonstration of the idea that when you set your mind to something, you can achieve your goals and dreams with hard work and desire.   

In this Episode we talk with Em & Jane of Camp Love Sick.  They renovated and traveled in a school bus, they converted into a camper, all across the US following their wedding.  They recap their adventures finding a school bus to renovate, doing the renovation and traveling in their skoolie camper.  Everything from learning how to operate power tools, to preventing their renovated camper from sliding off a cliff in a rain storm.  Here is our conversation with our rv renovation friends from Canada.  

Karlee Marsh is half of the Marsh and Sea team that has been so influential and inspirational in the world of RV Renovation.  We had the amazing opportunity to hear their backstory straight from Karlee herself as well as how they've built their business to this point.  She shares a lot of great information and experiences with us on the podcast.  If you haven't already, make sure to look them up on IG @karleemmarsh. 

Carrie & David of Revamping Camping are a wealth of RV knowledge.  Before launching their business they both worked at an RV dealership in the office and in service.  So the lessons they learned there are invaluable now that they are buying and renovating RVs. They cover a lot of topics and share stories of just how important it is that owners maintain their RVs properly and that buyers inspect thoroughly so that they know what they are buying and what they are getting into if they are renovating.  This episode could have been hours and hours long, but we kept it to about 60 minutes and still their is enough information in here to make a lot of rv renovator's heads explode.  

In this Episode we discuss our approach to planning a RV Renovation.  We cover everything that we do during the early days of fixing up the rig and explain how we lay out the game plan for all of the changes and upgrades to come.   We cover choosing and creating accent walls, important points on adding materials like flooring, and even explain how to put residential lights in an RV among other design related topics.  We love all of the guests that we've been talking to and have many more to share with you in future episodes, but we will also plan on doing solo episodes as well where we take a moment to share our personal experiences and perspectives about rv renovation a little deeper.

On Episode 3 of the New Look RV Renovation Podcast we speak with Lisa and Wes Rice of Rice Camp. They are renovators who have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Insider and the book All Things Camper Renovation. They specialize in renovating Pop-up Tent Trailers and do just an amazing job at transforming these older light weight RVs into a thing of beauty an functionality. They cover their tips for shopping and selecting a tent trailer to renovate or purchase, as well as tips on doing the renovation. Including some super helpful information on reupholstering the cushions in a pop up tent trailer. Find an audio version of this podcast anywhere you like to listen to pods and please like and subscribe. You got to hear some of their stories of Rv'ing gone wrong. Spoiler alert, it involves a missing finger.

"Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know.”

YES! This mantra speaks loud and clear to us, especially as we launch off our podcast this week speaking with other RV Renovators and full time RV families about ways to give your RV a New Look.

I think its safe to say many of them live by a similar mantra too.  On our first guest epsisode we chatted with Rachel from RV Family Reno. Rachel has time and again turned setbacks into comebacks. She has an inspiring story, as well as being a pro at painting furniture and RVs. She was gracious enough to share a lot of those tips and tricks with us as well as she did a deep dive into painting your rv. Check it out on Spotify, google, iTunes or any other major podcast network.  Camper renovation, rv renovation, rv fixer upper, camper flip, rv flip, rv remodel.

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